Empowerment Via Harley-Davidson

After a whirlwind of emotional trauma, as the dust settled I found myself to be the proud owner of a custom Harley-Davidson Trike. My favorite Harley Dealership built my trike using a 2009 Sportster 1200C, and a Champion conversion kit. For too many reasons to list here, I had come to accept the fact that … Continue reading

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Tons of ‘New’ this year. Welcome 2012!

Marilyn Monroe quotes and wallpaper

Yes, 2011 was tough. As women, we may ‘feel’ something’s wrong, but we can’t always recognize the terrible truths for what they are. Whether it be a last-ditch effort to deny that our worst nightmares have come true, or a misplaced trust and faith in those around us… we sometimes find it easier to pretend … Continue reading

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Riding season begins!

Finally got to take advantage of some decent weather and took the road glide out for a ride tonight. Rode to our local Dunkin Donuts clubhouse for coffee with friends. Six bikes total tonight, which isn’t bad for this early in the season. I spent most of today trying to figure out why half the … Continue reading

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True Blood changes ending to cut episode by 15 minutes

True Blood is one of my favorite shows, that I used to watch during the week after setting it to record on the DVR. I’ve become so enthralled with the show that I now wait anxiously every Sunday night for it to start. He hates to admit it, but hubby enjoys watching it with me! … Continue reading

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    • Sherlock Holmes as a Pipe Smoker – Book Review December 14, 2015
      I was recently sent a copy of a new book, Sherlock Holmes as a Pipe Smoker, by its author Dr. Thomas Gwinner. Since Sherlockiana is one of my hobbies, I was intrigued by the subject as much has been made about the references to pipes, tobaccos, cigars and cigarettes in the Canon. What made this […]
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