About the WebWench

A new look for a new beginning (Late December, 2012)

A new look for a new beginning (Late December, 2012)

What’s a “WebWench”?

I’m Ginger. If you strip away all the every-day titles that people go by, all that’s left is “Ginger”, so I’ll leave it at that for now.

If you’re a title kind of person, here’s a short list for you; wife divorcee, single mother, biker chick, web designer, artist, IMVU content developer…  ex-corporate robot, writer/blogger, lifetime student of art, music & theater, and most currently, a Full Time New Media Specialist.

At some point in my life, I could easily have been described as any of those things. For the purpose of this blog, however, I’m just Ginger. 🙂

All work and no play…

I run several “work” related sites (not linked to here because this is my personal space), and many more affiliate based sites that I’m not willing to talk about for various reasons. Suffice it to say that I’ll be keeping the links leaving this blog at a PG-13 rating, since my twins just recently reached that age (they’re 16 now lol). This is the part where I simply smile, and let you wonder what I’m up to. Heh.

All in a wench’s day…

Custom made Harley Sportster 1200C Trike with Champion conversion kit

Brunswick Harley made sure I could disply the Trike proudly!

My days are spent working on my sites, or my client’s sites… my evenings are spent either riding MY Harley with my husband, or catching up on the latest with the kids. We enjoy watching TV and movies together, and try to have a sit down family meal at least a couple of times a week. Weekends are devoted to “me time”, catching up on client work, and doing all the chores I didn’t have time to do during the week quality time on the road, either as a couple, or as a family. I’m hardly ever alone more than ever, but truly enjoy those times when I finally get some “me” time.

What are these “Ramblings” you speak of?

I started this blog as a personal space where I could talk about my adventures in Motorcycling, but being in upstate NY, our long winters make for a pretty baron biker blog! I needed a place to vent about everyday things that get under my skin… and since “focus” is so important on my other sites, I’m hoping to vent here without hurting the oh-so-precious SEO on my other sites.

Ramblings of a WebWench is…

Ginger Douglas, formerly Ginger Geracitano.Here I’m the girl that:
♥ rides her own Harley-Davidson
♥ smokes the occasional cigar (I prefer Maduros)
♥ relaxes with a  pipe (Neerup) full of Ten to  Midnight while contemplating her future
♥ watches her favorite shows on HULU as she monitors the ‘net
♥ and hangs out with the few true friends she has as much as possible.

In no way do I really expect the content of this particular blog to be of much interest to anyone else, there is certainly no “self important” angle here. It’s just where I’ll come to write about the stuff that doesn’t belong on a work site. You know, the fun stuff (fun being a very subjective term).

Why use WordPress.com?

I use WordPress exclusively, as my blogging software of choice, as well as a CMS for many a site. Having this blog will allow me to check out the functions of new versions, and keep up with the WP I'm a biker chick stuck in upstate NY where the winters are forever long.community a bit more. Oh… that’s another title I forgot on that list up above… web geek. I get all giddy talking about the Internet, computers, programming, WordPress, design, software, gaming, social media, etc.

Where else can you find me? Contact me?

Drama is something I tend to avoid at all costs, so I’m pretty quiet on forums and groups that I belong to online (unless I’m posting pretty pictures of course!). I’ve recently begun to use integrated social sites like FaceBook, and Twitter into my SEO and traffic generation strategies, and am enjoying developing social networking plans for multiple brick and marter businesses as well as online mail order companies.

* “About” information updated 1/15/2012
** Pictures added 1/28/2012; pictures from Dec. 2011, and New Year’s Eve 2011.
2 Responses to “About the WebWench”
  1. Fenny says:

    Hey Ginger! Like your little personal blog! A different side I like 🙂
    The weather here is awesome for a bike ride, hope yours is too!!

    • Ginger says:

      Hey, thanks Fenny! Thanks for stoppin’ by! The weather here is still “iffy”. Too cold and damp today, (plus we had non-riding plans)… But we’re holding out hope for a ride tomorrow 😉

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