Empowerment Via Harley-Davidson

Sportster 1200C TrikeAfter a whirlwind of emotional trauma, as the dust settled I found myself to be the proud owner of a custom Harley-Davidson Trike. My favorite Harley Dealership built my trike using a 2009 Sportster 1200C, and a Champion conversion kit. For too many reasons to list here, I had come to accept the fact that if I was going to continue riding, I’d have to move from the back to the front. My only option was a trike, and nothing else would do… no Spyders! No scooters! I would have a Harley, or I wasn’t riding at all.

Sportster 1200C TrikeNeedless to say, I picked riding up pretty quick, and have no doubts that I’ll be able to get my license as soon as the weather is nice enough for me to get some more serious hours in on the road. I think I put about 500 miles on it before it got too cold for me to ride. No sense riding if I’m shivering so bad that my feet wouldn’t stay on the pegs. Yes, I waited THAT long lol.

The used (barely) Sportster 1200C had my name written all over it. Big purple flake with silver two tone. Lots of chrome. Purple and silver IronBraid on extended brake and clutch levers, Stage 1 exhaust. Nice. I had to have it! The hardest decision to make was which conversion kit to use to turn it into a trike. Sportster 1200C TrikeI chose the Champion kit because I love the look of the back-end without any ‘body’ added to it. I’m paying a lot for that axle, I want to see it… and it looks BADASS too!

Sportster 1200C TrikeFree at last! What a liberating feeling it was to actually ride my own bike! Without the worry of dropping the bike (something I had done in past attempts to learn how to ride), I was able to concentrate on learning all about how a clutch works. I had never learned the coordination necessary to drive a standard car, and I had never ridden a dirt bike or any standard shift vehicle successfully before. After 20 years of riding on the back of a bike, I knew the process, I just needed some practice doing it myself. Once I learned where the ‘sweet spot’ on the clutch was, there was no stopping me!

Riding the trike the little bit that I could, (every day after work if it wasn’t raining and once when it was lol) I realized a few things that I’ll need to change before I’m completely satisfied.

    • Turn signal extenders, chrome please. (my hands are little I s’pose lol)
    • ISO®-Wing Mini Boards. My feet bounce off the custom pegs and fall off. Not good!
    • The rear fenders need to be painted. Still deciding on paint (two tone factory, solid, or custom).
    • Highway pegs that extend off the ISO®-Wing Mini Boards somehow because I don’t want a mustache bar or engine guard. No need, trikes don’t drop and I like the bare-bones look. I have long legs, so this is important.
    • Front end stabilizer. Wow does that baby shake!
    • A second job so I can pay for all this LOL!


4 Responses to “Empowerment Via Harley-Davidson”
  1. Catherine Del Valle says:

    I love your posting! I myself got a 2008 Sportster with the Champion trike kit. I searched until I found this one in SC and drove down from Ohio to pick it up. I love the look of it, especially after seeing the trikes with the big rear ends. Good luck with yours, ride safe and enjoy!

    • Ginger says:

      Hey, Catherine! Thanks so much for the comment! (Nice to know someone read it that can appreciate all the nuances lol!) Do you have a pic of your trike posted anywhere? I’d love to see it! I’ve fallen in love with the Sporty Trikes, especially with the Champion kits… it’s more “old school” looking that way hehe.

      I’m thrilled, actually, to have found another Champion Trike rider. I have a few things I’d love to ask, if you would be so kind to respond lol…

      1. Do you have any kind of front end stabilizer? If so, which one, and does it stop the classic trike “shake” of the front forks?

      2. What kind of pegs do you have? My feet are too little for the custom set up that came on mine, so I’m hoping the mini wings help keep my feet where they need to be lol.

      3. What did the original owner do to the fenders? I couldn’t afford to have them painted before they were shipped, so they’re still just primer black with a coat of clear. They don’t look bad, so I’m taking my time to decide. Ideally, I’d like a custom job that incorporates my logo, but realistically I’m probably going to have to go with a solid color. I’m thinking the big flake purple. Then there’s always the custom two tone factory paint option…

      See? LOL I’ve only met one other Trike rider, and I talked to him before I even rode mine… that brought up all new questions. 🙂

      Nice to meet you, Catherine! Keep the rubber side down, and have fun!

  2. Jon E. Jones says:

    Hey Catherine,

    Loved thea article and I completely understand. My wife and I just bought a 2012 Harley Triglide two weeks ago. I had to have it and I love it. My wife is much more comfortable and we now are beginning to plan some mini-tours. Twenty years ago I was a motor cop in California and got hit by a drunk driver. I was forced to retire and it took me eight years before I started to ride again. I’ve put on around 150,000 miles over the las 12+ years. I came to realize that, while I wasn’t completely ready to give up on two wheels, the time was rapidly approaching when I would have to make a choice of going to three wheels, or stop riding. The choice was obvious and the added stabiliy and peace of mind is worth every penny.

    That’s a beautiful bike…enjoy it! I’m never more alive than when I’m on the road.


  3. Jon E. Jones says:

    I actually meant to address the above to “Ginger,” I’m embarassed!

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