Strange things are afoot + Links of interest

Twitter‘s turning out to be a great resource for news of what’s happening across the internet. I wanted to do some work on my laptop earlier, (after the last two site redesigns here and here, I needed a break!) and was confused when my Dell updates and GMail just wouldn’t work. After fighting with some of my security software, I left it running a scan and went to my office to at least check my email.

HootSuite is set to automatically open with my browser on my office computer, so when I opened that up, I saw a friend had sent a Tweet about GMail being DOWN. What? GMail doesn’t go down, or so I thought. It only took a couple of clicks, due to the trending topics links and hash tags used in posts to see that GMail had in fact been completely down for hours.

As HootSuite updated my Tweets, I saw news of Dell having uptime issues today too… at exactly the time I was trying to run my updates. Ahh. Mystery solved.

If nothing else, Twitter is proving to be very useful in staying “in the loop” as to what’s going on in cyberspace. With connections to the right people, I’m also finding tons of great resources to recommend to clients and readers of my Design Blog. Thanks to @cheth for the constant stream of important info!

The normal progression for me while I surf and keep updated through Twitter is to see a link to a resource, follow it, then if I find it’s something I might want to reference again, I send it to my StumbleUpon account and review it. This way, no matter where I am (I often have my laptop with me to cover client events and/or meetings) I can retrieve these important reference materials via any web browser. No need to ‘sync’ my browser favorites, it’s all right there on StumbleUpon.

I use the Google Reader to bookmark other links that I may not want to show publicly… like client sites or my own obscure site links. I wouldn’t want to be accused of “spamming” my StumbleUpon account with all my own stuff lol.

Anyway, here are some of the links I’ve found recently that I will probably be referencing in the future…. some of them are bookmarked just because I want to remember to blog about them. What a great way to gather topics for future articles, I’m so happy to have found all this! (links below will open in new window)

Links of interest:

  • MYOWS – The 1st app to offer free online registration and management of your copyrights.
  • 25 Incredibly Useful CSS Tricks You Should Know
  • 55+ Extremely Useful Online Generators for Designers
  • Best 5 Social Bookmarking Plugins For WordPress
  • Get full control over the placement of Adsense ads in single posts *(for sites… love this!)
  • Twitter Postings: Iterative Design
  • Getting Started With HTML5: Part 1
  • If Famous Graphic Artists Were Web Designers…
  • Twitter Security Exploit Still Hasn’t Been Fixed
  • 15 Twitter Netiquette Rules You Must Know
  • Why Do People REALLY Tweet? The Psychology Behind Tweeting!
  • There ya have it… everything from geeky web stuff to Twitter tips. I can’t help it, I’m simply not happy unless I’m constantly learning! Oh… can’t forget my dose of daily cuteness over at IcanHazCheezburger

    Today’s kitteh giggle



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