True Blood changes ending to cut episode by 15 minutes

True Blood is one of my favorite shows, that I used to watch during the week after setting it to record on the DVR. I’ve become so enthralled with the show that I now wait anxiously every Sunday night for it to start. He hates to admit it, but hubby enjoys watching it with me! It’s wonderful entertainment, and as Episode 10 proved the other night, it can be really funny, in an admittedly strange way.

I went to the HBO site for True Blood, and read the synopsis of Episode 10 that just aired on Sunday night, “New World In My View”. I did not see this in the episode as it was aired!

If you haven’t yet watched Episode 10, which aired this past Sunday night, you’re not going to want to read the rest of this post, as it contains spoilers! I’m providing a cut at this point so that I don’t ruin anything for anyone that might find this! LOL


Bill arrives at his destination – a strange mansion patrolled by secret service agents, one of whom greets him, “Welcome, Mr. Compton. She’s expecting you.” Bill steps inside, bowing to his host and greeting her, “Your majesty.”

I find it intriguing that they chose not to show that lil bit in the version they aired. Secret Service? Huh? LOL There were no SS agents in the version I saw, and Bill did NOT address the Queen Vampire, instead, I saw him approach the open area where she seemed to be feeding. Although, we’re not really sure what the Queen was doing, all we saw was blood dripping from what seemed to be a suspended body, the foot being the only thing we saw.

Perhaps the producers thought that the cliffhanger ending of “Who IS the Queen anyway?”, and the… “has he just found her dead-for-good-this-time body, or was she just feeding?” (albeit, extravagantly… as a Queen Vampire should!) controversy would net a better response than it did?

If the Twitter buzz about the show is any indication, the True Blood “powers that be” should really think twice about cutting an episode that short.

Not that we’ll stop watching, no… we’re addicted as tho we’re feeling the affects of “V*” haha. But, when you upset your loyal viewers like that, they expect you to make up for it with something HUGE next week!

Hope you live up to our expectations!

I hope to get some comments on this … I know I felt like I was going to explode right after the show ended, because so many people I normally chat with hadn’t seen it yet, and refused to hear spoilers! LOL The nerve! 😉 hehe.

Gotta say, I love the Harley-Davidson ad on the True Blood Wiki, “Outrun the Sun” haha! Check out the “True Blood Iron 883“.

*V – “V” is the slang used on the show to refer to Vampire Blood, when sold to Humans for it’s euphoric, hallucinogenic, and healing properties. On the show, the unscrupulous characters that sell “V” are similar to any of today’s drug dealers, in that they are selling an illegal, highly controversial substance. V dealers have to protect themselves from the Humans that hate Vampires, and the “Purist” Vampires that believe the only relationship between Humans and Vampires should be their positions on the food chain.  I can’t believe that Wiki didn’t have it listed in it’s entry anywhere.


2 Responses to “True Blood changes ending to cut episode by 15 minutes”
  1. Kimi says:

    I was quite frustrated with that episode. Thirty minutes into it felt more like ten minutes and then they just cut it so short.

    I think the secret agents in which they refer to meant the guy in the suit and shades who greeted Bill upon his arrival. I don’t recall seeing more than one however. I’d have to watch it again.

    I’ve heard a lot of negative chatter about episode 11 as well despite me enjoying it. I wonder if it’s just people being frustrated because the season is almost over, Maryann is still alive and each episode just gives us more and more drama to collect and process – never really closing the book on any one issue. The character development is incredible and I find myself anxious to know what happens next!

  2. Ginger says:

    You know… I haven’t had time to blog about episode 11, but I did notice that they included the “missing” ending from episode 10 in the very beginning! That was really weird! LOL I wish some secret insider would leak the info on why they cut that episode so short!

    There was not enough Eric Northman in Episode 11 for me… but what there was, I enjoyed. Yummy evil-ness. And uh… since when can they fly like that?

    Yes, True Blood is frustrating me. It *so* good I don’t want each episode to end. Knowing that we have to go a week without ANY True Blood before they finally air the season finale is just torture!

    What are we going to do with ourselves Sunday night? LOL

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