The blogosphere’s role in society’s state of confusion

As if in response to my post earlier today regarding the Internet effectively “dumbing down” our kids, this post about the abuse of blog power really made me feel relieved that I wasn’t the only one concerned.

Today, rumors about Sarah Palin are flying with fury and labels are being applied as if these are factually established and relevant.

Anti-Palin bloggers are pumping out bile with the unrelenting force of an Alaskan gusher. These people are using their blog-power to influence voters. Nothing wrong with that. But fomenting discontent on the basis of rumor alone is an abuse of that power.

Rumors. That’s the key. It’s like the old joke about television… “it must be true, I saw it on TV”. Adjusted for the age of the Internet… “it must be true, I read it on the Internet”. Seriously. What is so hard about validating sources, and researching the truth for yourself? Are people really SO lazy that it’s just easier to believe what you read, regardless of how biased an author may be?

“douggeivett”, the author of the above quoted text offers up some guidelines to follow when surfing the blogosphere that I agree with. Please consider them when deciding how to conduct yourself responsibly when taking what you see on the Internet as some kind of “gospel”. First and foremost, remember to think for yourself, verify the sources of the information that you allow to guide your decisions… and for the love of all that is holy (to you)… please be strong enough to form your own opinions without being herded like sheeple.

1. Chase the rumor to its source and investigate the source.
2. Listen carefully to the tone of the blogger.

And guidelines regarding political issues in the blogosphere, apply them to your interests as necessary:

3. Step back and remember what governing this country is about.
4. Don’t expect the candidate to answer every scandalous charge of scandal with counterevidence.

Now… if we could only get the MSM to follow these guidelines.


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