No riding for this wench

I’ve missed a few good rides this past week due to a kidney infection. Wow, these suckers hurt! We’ve been going on such long rides, that I can’t enjoy myself at all when I’m fighting one of these. I tried, of course, but only did myself more harm than good by pretending that I could handle the pain. Besides, I was a burden to the others in our group that wouldn’t have normally stopped so often.

So, I’ve been resting while everyone else rides. I’ve watched some movies, and played a few video games, but with the fever and all, it’s hard to really concentrate on much. I’m hoping that the meds the doc gave me today will help with all that. Until I feel better, I’ll just be surfing and doing what I can around the house. I’ll comment on the blogs I read as I feel better too! 🙂


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