Category issue resolved. Let the blogging begin!

I know it wasn’t the end of the world or anything, but it really did bug me when my categories weren’t showing when I wrote a post, so I could choose them, tucking each post safely away where they belong. Maybe I’m a little bit OCD about organizing my posts.

Don't Know

I’m not sure why they stared appearing on my “Write Post” page like they’re supposed to, but they are there! I’m so relieved. I wasn’t posting as much as I wanted to, because I knew that I would have to go back and edit each post to assign it’s category. Yes, I’m that anal about organization… so much so that I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave things the way they were.

In my quest to solve this issue, I ran a check of my drivers, to see if they needed updating… of course they did. I’m glad I found the DriverAgent site, it really saved me a lot of time in looking for the right driver updates. Not knowing which driver updates to use is part of the reason I hadn’t done it in so long. They scan your computer, and give you update recommendations based on what you have, taking the guesswork out of the process alltogether. *whew*

Anyway… my graphics card was *really* out of date. So, after deleting old programs, installing new one, and about three restarts… I came back here to test things out. Suddenly, this site is working the way it should, including the image uploader, and all the functionality I was missing before.

I’m still not sure why all these functions worked for me on my self hosted WP sites, and not here… I’m just so very happy that it’s all straightened out now. For the record, it seems that there wasn’t a problem here on the site at all… if you’re having problems with the functionality of the site, check your computer for necessary updates!

Aside: Yes, I am displaying my DeviantArt ID here only because I needed to upload a picture just to test out the functionality of the image uploader lol.


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