Margarita and Movie night

We were lucky enough to finally get some good weather, so we took full advantage this past weekend. We started the weekend out on Friday night with dinner out with a couple from our club. Well, we had dinner… they had to wait for us for so long that they wound up eating dinner at home. *Hubby finally fixed the leaky shower that was causing a drip behind my desk in my home office… no more water torture, yay!* They drank, we ate and drank lol. Chalk up two margaritas for me at that place.

For the record, I ride on the back of our Harley, hubby drives, and drinks soda. Drinking and driving is just stupid.

Hubby had to go into work at about 9pm, and since we were in the car anyway due to rain, we just hopped over the river after dinner. We wound up meeting a riding buddy at his work who was about to go to a local bar for drinks, so we decided to stop home, get the bike, and join them. Although it wasn’t raining, it had cooled off a lot, so it was a pleasant ride. Something I learned the hard way that night… never order a margarita in a biker bar. To be fair, I’m not really a drinker, so the extra shot of tequila was a bit much for me, but others may have been thankful for it.

We hung out there with friends until about 1am. Not really a lot going on there since the live band was done at midnight. The most memorable thing that happened was a woman pointing at hubby when we got there, who later decided to explain herself to me, even though I hadn’t even noticed her pointing at him… apparently, when we pulled up to the place, she thought he looked just like John Stamos, and announced it to her friends. I guess I could see the resemblance, although I think hubby’s much more a dead ringer for King Diamond personally. (I happen to think John Stamos is hot, so I was not insulted at all lol.)

Of course, it took a few minutes for me to realize who she was referring to, as she started out by saying he looked like John Ramos, the dad’s friend on the show “Family Matters“, with those twins that are really popular right now. What a painful process this was… guessing that she meant the Olsen twins, then trying to remember the name of their show… “Full House” never did come to mind that night, as she kept saying “you know, John Ramos, the father’s friend”. For the record, John Stamos played the twin’s father’s brother in law, and was referred to as “Uncle Jessie”. (I just had to type that for my own sanity!) While we were talking, she decided that I also looked familiar, but I begged out of the convo to avoid going through the pain of that exploration.

That third margarita was so strong, I didn’t even finish it, and had lost all my prior buzz anyway. I guess a nice cool ride will do that to ya. We went home and watched Starship Troopers 3, “Marauders”, which had just been released on DVD. This one went straight to DVD, a good call by the producers, as it was the weakest in the Starship Troopers series, with a very corny religious sub plot. If you only watch this type of movie for the “bug killin” scenes, it’s got plenty, including a few new bugs that we hadn’t seen before.

Casper Van Dien returns as Johnny Ricco, but Denise Richards didn’t grace the screen in this one. Also starring is Jolene Blalock (as Lola Beck)… can you say “trying WAY too hard to look like Angelina Jolie“? I found myself wondering how many surgeries this actress has had, and if she actually told the doctor to give her those “Angelina” lips. She did not strike me as a look-a-like in her role as Sub-Commander T’Pol on Enterprise.

The religious references in this movie were almost more than I could bare, topped off by the meeting of Ricco and Beck’s hands at the end. Quick, someone cleanse the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel before Michelangelo is launched into space as a result of spinning in his grave too fast. (Perhaps that was the plan because they thought he could help in the bug war? Nah.)


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