3 states in one ride

Saturday we had beautiful weather… even if I am allergic to the sun, I prefer a warm sunny day to the non stop rain and thunderstorms we’ve been having. My mom decided to take the twins shopping for school supplies (a yearly tradition), so we tagged along with our neighbors who were going for a “no destination in mind” ride, and lunch. These are always the best rides!

We wound up stopping at this quaint lil place for lunch. It was a homemade bakery, run by one woman with no other staff there at the time. Every one of her hot sandwiches was made to order on a residential stove, everything home made that day. Fresh bagels, cookies, and chicken soup filled the small shop with yummy smells that made you even more hungry as you walked in the door. A group of six other bikers were waiting for their food when we arrived, so we wound up waiting a good twenty minutes before our orders were even taken.

This gave us all time to chat, and just enjoy the atmosphere, which was homey, and very comfortable… an atmosphere that wasn’t even really a focus of the proprietor, which is probably why it worked so well. The food was phenomenal, and really did feel like you had been served by your best friend’s mom, who had offered to make you anything you want. From the chicken soup (served with every sandwich), to the freshly made philly cheese steaks, grilled chicken, russian rockets, and turkey melts… everything was just delicious. Well worth the wait! There should be more places like this… it felt good to support a sole proprietor that works so hard, the absence of the commercial restaurant was a welcome experience.

After lunch, we rode for another hour or so before stopping again. I didn’t realize we were in Massachusetts until we rode through a small town having a Zuccini festival. Even though I had laughed at the mere fact that they were having a festival dedicated to Zuccini, hubby said that if I saw how big some of those Zuccini get, I’d get all excited about them too. He’s a regular riot, ain’t he? lol Heh.

We stopped at a Dunkin Donuts for coffee, in Connecticut. I hadn’t seen any signs or other indications that we had passed over state lines … twice … so I was surprised to hear that we were in Connecticut. I was wondering why so many other bikers passing by weren’t wearing helmets. I suddenly felt like a tourist. At this point, I was just happy to get off the bike, so I could regain feeling in several portions of my body. Even though our RoadGlide is a great bike for long rides, you’re still sitting in one position for hours on end, so that tingly “fallen asleep” feeling does take over. I started feeling the obligatory sunburn on my face and neck at this point.

After coffee and more chatting, we decided it was time to head towards home… not really sure how to get there. Turns out we were close to a main route that ran us right back to NY with no problems. I knew we were getting closer to home when I started seeing farms again. Cows, buffalo, geese, sheep, llama… I wondered why llama are always found with sheep… hubby informed me later that they keep predators away from the sheep… city girl learns something new.

After stopping at hubby’s work *again*, we all rode to our local Dunkin Donuts for one last coffee before we all called it a day. There were five bikes in our pack, and there were two bikes at DD when we got there. Before long, the entire parking lot was full of Harley Davidsons. We call our local DD shop our “club house”, because all the local riders meet there to hang out, and/or organize rides. It’s always more fun riding in a pack, and you get to see so many more places as each person has different favorite places to visit. There must have been over twenty bikes there at one point Saturday night.

We had been riding for over six hours that day… all of it in glaring sun. I was sunburned, and drained of all energy… the effect the sun always has on me. We were heading home by 9pm, I was almost grateful to hear that my mom was bringing the twins home so I had an excuse to leave too. Before we left, we made plans with a few friends to meet up the next day to ride to a swap meet they were having at the Speedway. This convinced me that I needed some sleep, but I didn’t wind up getting any until after another hour of catching up with my mom and grandmother. They had a fun day out with the twins, shopping and eating out.

I don’t even remember going to bed… but I did manage to set the alarm so we could meet our friends for the swap meet.


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